The Good Heart

15 Jul

Title: The Good Heart
Year: 2010
Director: Dagur Kári
Writer: Dagur Kári
Starring: Brian Cox, Paul Dano
MPAA Rating: R, for language and a disturbing image
Runtime: 95 min
Major Awards:
IMDb Rating: 6.9
Rotten Tomatoes: 31%

Brian Cox and Paul Dano are the two stars of this film, and they’re both good actors, Cox especially can be terrific when given the proper role and Dano is a guy who’s really coming into his own in the film industry, and what’s more the two were seen together in 2001’s L.I.E., and in it they both gave pretty solid performances. But unfortunately in The Good Heart, even though they both are seemingly trying their best, the material they are given to work with simply doesn’t allow for a good performance to come out of it, because this is a seriously corny story, filled with horribly unnecessary melodramatic shit that does nobody any favors.

Paul Dano’s character is a homeless guy who tries to kill himself, fails, and then wakes up at a hospital next to this cranky old man, Cox’s character, who gives him a place to stay above the bar he owns and tell the young man that he can have the bar once he’s dead. Then we are off to explore the rest of their relationship, and what happens when the young man meets a girl and starts falling for her, and I would describe the plot bit by bit but it’s horribly cheesy and I won’t put yourselves up to read such crap, nor will I get myself to remember and type it up.

So this is me ending my review for The Good Heart. It’s a sad film because that’s what it’s supposed to be, but also because it’s sadly bad, and it sucks to throw away the talents of Mr. Cox and Mr. Dano in such a fashion, but then again it’s not like they didn’t read the script beforehand, but yeah, it’s not enough to have Brian Cox throw a rant, we know he’s convincing as hell when he does that, but it’s better when the rant in questions means something, and, in The Good Heart, the rants, as well as the movie as a whole, meant nothing to me.

Grade: C-


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