20 Jul

Title: Marmaduke
Year: 2010
Director: Tom Dey
Writers: Vince Di Meglio and Tim Rasmussen based on the comic strip by Brad Anderson
Starring: Owen Wilson, George Lopez, Lee Pace, Fergie, Kiefer Sutherland, Judy Greer, Emma Stone, Christoper Mintz-Plasse, Sam Elliott, Steve Coogan, Marlon Wayans
MPAA Rating: PG, some rude humor and language
Runtime: 87 min
Major Awards:
IMDb Rating: 2.2
Rotten Tomatoes: 11%

Talking animals were novelty a decade ago, now when you have talking animals you at least need a solid plot to keep things going nicely, and it would be awesome if you could have it be inspiredly funny, Marmaduke only has the talking animals, because the plot is really boring and the jokes are not funny at all, but I’ll give it a passing grade because Judy Greer is in it, and I’d see Ms. Greer in anything.

Yeah, this is a movie aimed for kids, so easy giggles from lame jokes are attempted at every chance this film gets while still trying to embed onto them some sort of moral message, but the thing is that kid-oriented films are now labeled as family-oriented films, and studios are spending more and more time and money to make them appeal to a more mature audience as well, just take a look at the best studio in the business, Pixar, their films have transcended any sort of label like that, and they make animation masterpiece after masterpiece, which gets audiences that many times don’t comprise of a single kid, but just older people who love the movie by themselves, that’s what Marmaduke should have aimed to do, not to expect Pixar-like results from this but they should have at least aimed for something like that, especially when it’s based on a comic strip that’s been around for longer than a half decade and that has played an important part of the lives of the older demographic. But then again this one came with the tagline “From the producers of Garfield” which should have been enough to any moviegoer with a good head on his shoulders to know it should be avoided.

With a cast that includes the aforementioned Ms. Greer who really can’t do no wrong and Lee Pace, from Pushing Daisies, in the two main live-action roles and a voice cast that includes Owen Wilson in the titular role as well as Kiefer Sutherland and Christopher Mintz-Plasse amongst others this film could have turned out alright had it just been made better, but instead what we get is a film that I personally disliked a whole bunch because it did nothing new nor, at the very least, nothing that was good fun, and let a solid cast and source material go to waste. But, as I said, Judy Greer is in this one so I’ll give it a passing grade.

Grade: C-


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