Resident Evil: Afterlife

29 Sep

Title: Resident Evil: Afterlife
Year: 2010
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson
Starring: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, Spencer Locke, Boris Kodjoe, Wentworth Miller
MPAA Rating: R, sequences of strong violence and language
Runtime: 97 min
Major Awards:
IMDb Rating: 6.6
Rotten Tomatoes: 21%

I thought the first Resident Evil film was quite decent, it, at least, introduced Milla Jovovich to the masses who didn’t know about her. But the second and third installments in the franchise I thought were thoroughly unnecessary, and this one kind of fares the same way: not entirely bad, but we would have been just as fine without it. But nevertheless, in the 16 days this one has been at the box office it has managed to gross over $155 million worldwide, and, on a $60 million production budget, that’s a nice profit, and makes this one the highest-grossing entry in the franchise. So even though the films are nowhere near great, people are still paying good money to go see them, so I don’t see the studio stopping the making of them any time soon.

But, one thing you have to appreciate about these films at least, is the fact that they are fast-paced like crazy, it’s an hour and a half that goes by really fast with lots of zombie-killing in between, which is why I don’t see myself failing any one of these movies. Ms. Jovovich comes back as Alice, and she’s still fighting against the Umbrella Corporation. I would go on to explain the backstory about Alice and the Umbrella Corporation, but if you don’t know that by now then you probably have no interest in seeing this one, so I’ll go ahead and skip the formalities.

But yeah, in this fourth installment, and the first one in 3-D, Alice is still there, kicking ass as usual, and now in the search for her friends from the previous films with a couple of new characters coming in to help her fight off the bad guys, all while being holed up in a Los Angeles prison that, obviously, has copious amounts of flesh-eating zombies roaming the halls after our heroine. This really is of absolutely no importance for the plot though, you could have sided Alice with whomever, placed her wherever, just as long as Milla Jovovich can be seen kicking ass then there’s still a film to be made here.

But I wouldn’t really recommend this one, I like Ms. Jovovich a whole deal, she seems super cool and she looks great, and even better when seen killing zombies, but for that we have the first one to see, this is just commercial fodder, not to mention that she looked hotter in some of the other films. But again, so long as people keep paying to see these films, studios will keep churning out an entry in the franchise every three years.

As for the action, and how it fares with the extra dimension added, I guess it does a decent job. It doesn’t look amazing, and there’s still a ton of slow-motion stuff to make things look cool that really doesn’t help nor does it make things look cool, but at least this one was filmed in 3D and wasn’t one of those post-production cheap conversions, so yeah, the action is bearable. The script on the other hand, is just as cringe-worthy as on the other three films of the franchise, with absolutely zero substance and not a single line of dialogue that’s not there to get moving to another action piece. So, again, if you liked the previous three a whole lot, then, by all means, go check out Resident Evil: Afterlife and revel in the zombie-killing in three dimensions, but if you’re like me and feel that the first one was enough, then surely skip this one.

Grade: C


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