[Trailer] – Jesus Henry Christ

21 Mar

Watch the trailer for Jesus Henry Christ, which is one of those offbeat dysfunctional family dramedies. In this case, the story revolves around Henry James Hermin, a ten year old that’s something of a child genius; raised just by his mom who conceived him in a petri dish, James one day decides to find out who’s sperm was used to conceive him, and so he goes in a quest to find his biological father, and on the way discovers he also has a half-sister.

The film is directed by Dennis Lee, who made his feature debut with last year’s Fireflies in the Garden (which I merely gave a C+ to), and who’s this time adapting his own well-received short of the same name, receiving help from Julia Roberts (who starred in Fireflies in the Garden) as an executive producer. It stars Toni Collette as the mom, Michael Sheen as the dad, Jason Spevack as Henry, and Samantha Weinstein as the sister he finds out also comes in the deal of getting to know his dad.

A part of me thinks this will turn out nicely; I like the initial premise, and god knows Ms. Collette and Mr. Sheen can bring it when they want to. But then another part of me thinks the trailer wanted to feel like a quirky Wes Anderson-esque kind of film, and maybe the film will spend its time trying too hard to be something else instead of just growing organically. We’ll see what part of me was right when the film unspools next month.


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