[Trailer] – Take This Waltz

5 Apr


Michelle Williams, at thirty-one years-old, is one of the five best actresses we have working today, I think that should be accepted as a cold hard fact of life by now. And if the new trailer for her upcoming film, Take This Waltz, is any indication, we’re in store for another one of her masterful performances.

Take This Waltz is the sophomore effort by writer-director Sarah Polley, who got herself a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination for her directorial debut Away From Her back in 2006. And this time around she’s crafted a romantic drama focusing on Ms. Williams’ character questioning her happy marriage when she develops an attraction she can’t fight off for her neighbor.

The film looks just ridiculously good, if you ask me. It seems like Ms. Polley’s graceful touch shown in her debut is still very much at work here, creating a perfect tone to explore the moral issues Ms. Williams’ character is battling through in her conscience. Not to mention that, from what the trailer shows us, the performances look pretty damn splendid by every single actor involved.

Written and directed by Sarah Polley; starring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman. Take This Waltz will be available on VOD on May 25, and will open in theaters on June 29.


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