[Trailer] – Hope Springs

25 Apr

In case you thought Meryl Streep was done racking up Oscar nominations, here’s another film that may just get her to expand her own record and get an eighteenth nomination. She is, after all, reteaming with her The Devil Wears Prada director, David Frankel, for Hope Springs (formerly titled Great Hope Springs), for which a trailer hast just been released, and you can watch it after the cut.

In it she plays one half of an older couple, with Tommy Lee Jones playing her husband. And after decades of marriage their relationship has gone a bit stale, and she decides to convince her husband to go to a famed relationship guru, played by Steve Carell, to have a week-long marriage and sex therapy in order to spice things up and save their marriage.

Alright, so maybe this won’t get Ms. Streep another Oscar nod (though you can never, ever count her out), but this actually looks like a really nice romantic comedy for late-summer, mostly because the three main actors involved are infinitely likable and charming, and they seem to really be having fun with these roles. So, who knows, this one might end up being pretty good.

Directed by David Frankel; written by Vanessa Taylor; starring Meryl Streep, Steve Carell, Tommy Lee Jones, Jean Smart and Elisabeth Shue. Hope Springs opens August 10.


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