[Trailer] – Killer Joe

8 May

William Friedkin, who won an Oscar for The French Connection and got nominated for another one for The Exorcist, is back with a new movie. Granted, those two landmark films happened in the 70’s, but still, this is worth talking about. His new film is called Killer Joe, has been stamped with an NC-17 rating, and it just looks strange. Maybe strange in a good way, maybe in a bad way. I don’t know. Check out the trailer for Killer Joe after the cut.

The film is about a guy played by Emile Hirsch, who hires a hit man to off his mother in order to get the life insure to pay a drug lord he’s indebted to. But then the kid can’t pay the hit man so his sister, who he offered up as collateral, gets involved in all of it. It looks so bizarre, I’m not sure at all if I’ll like it or not. What I am sure, is that I can’t wait to see what Matthew McConaughey does with the lead role of the hitman.

Directed by William Friedkin; written by Tracy Letts, based on his own play; starring Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon and Juno Temple. Killer Joe opens July 27.


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