[Trailer] – Hyde Park On Hudson

21 May

Bill Murray, to me, is one of the very best actors gracing our screens today. And even though he lost the Oscar he should have so easily won for Lost in Translation, my favorite film of all-time, to Sean Penn for Mystic River, it seems he’s now up for another run at the golden man with Hyde Park on Hudson, the first trailer for which you can watch after the cut.

 Everything seems there for a good shot at the Oscar. A biopic of a famous person, an accent, forbidden love; the elements are aligned. And the famous person in question, by the way, is President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The film is all about the tiem when FDR and his wife hosted King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the same characters The King’s Speech was about) to a country retreat on the Hudson in 1939 in which the British monarchs tried to get FDR’s support on the upcoming war against Germany. Add into the mix the fact that those big issues must be juggled at the same time as more intimate ones regarding FDR’s cousin and alleged lover Margaret who’s also there that weekend and it makes for some really great material. And the film looks like a great mix of drama and humor. And the cast is absolutely genius. I hope Oscar takes notice.

Directed by Roger Michell; written by Richard Nelson; starring Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Olivia Williams, Olivia Colman and Samuel West. Hyde Park on Hudson opens December 7.


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