[Teaser] – The Master

21 May

The Master has always been my most anticipated film of 2012. After all, Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite director and his last film, the masterpiece that was There Will Be Blood, was released five years ago. Well, now we have a teaser trailer for The Master, and I was dead wrong to think I couldn’t get any more excited for this film. This is truly amazing. Watch the teaser after the cut.

The teaser focusses on Joaquin Phoenix‘s Freddie, being questioned by another man after an incident of some kind. This, we must assume, is before he becomes the right hand man to Philip Seymor Hoffman‘s character, who’s the man that funds a religion that’s supposedly based on Scientology.

It all looks about twelve kinds of awesome. Firstly, it looks absolutely gorgeous, the close-ups and how it’s shot, it looks seriously stunning. Then there’s that score, by Radiohead‘s Johnny Greenwood (who also scored There Will Be Blood) and it sounds great. And then there’s Joaquin Phoenix’s first movie since he fake-retired from acting, and he looks to be in top form. Can’t fucking wait for this one.

Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson; starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Laura Dern and Jesse Plemons. The Master opens October 12.


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