[Trailer] – House at the End of the Street

1 Jun

All gorgeous young actresses have a requisitory horror movie to make. And Jennifer Lawrence‘s is House at the End of the Street, and you can watch the second trailer for it after the cut.

This is your typical film with the hot female lead in a tank top so that you can drool over her in those mandatory slow-motion shots as she goes through the motions countless straight-to-video titles have already gone through. It’s just that this one has a really great, Oscar-nominated actress in that role.

Granted, House at the End of the Street was actually shot before The Hunger Games made Ms. Lawrence a pretty bankable name, but it will obviously be released after it to reap the benefits of that name-recognition. Anyways, she’s the girl who moves into a new house with her mom, next to another house where some murders took place, and the sole survivor of the gruesome events still lives there. It’s better than the last trailer, but it still seems way too generic, though I’ll definitely watch it because of Ms. Lawrence.

Directed by Mark Tonderai; written by David Loucka, based on a story by Jonathan Mostow; starring Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows and Elisabeth Shue. House at the End of the Street opens September 21.


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