[Trailer] – Alex Cross

26 Jun

The first trailer for the adaptation of the James Patterson adaptation Alex Cross has just been released, and you can watch it after the cut.

Look, I tried to go into this one with an open mind, but I just couldn’t. This was a role that Morgan Freeman made famous in two films from about a decade ago, and not only did it go to Tyler Perry, who’s known for cross-dressing as his character Madea, but one of the actors he beat out for the role was the immensely talented Idris Elba, who would’ve no doubt done great things with the part. Ugh.

Even if I was being objective then this trailer still looks pretty bad. Mr. Perry is apparently very aware that people don’t realte him to his kind of character, and as a result it’s like he’s trying to do the opposite of what he’s known for, the problem being that it’s super evident he’s trying way, way hard, and his performance just looks totally flat and boring. On the flipside of it is Matthew Fox who’s going just totally over the top in the villain role.

Directed by Rob Cohen; written by Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson, based on the James Patterson novel; starring Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Rachel Nichols, Jean Reno, Giancarlo Esposito and Edward Burns. Alex Cross opens October 19.


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