[Trailer] – Trouble with the Curve

8 Aug

The last time Clint Eastwood was in front of the camera was in 2008’s Gran Torino, which many saw as his retirement from acting, with the then 78-year-old living legend dedicating himself just to directing. Well, he’s coming out of that retirement as a favor to his long-time producing partner Robert Lorenz who’s directing Trouble With the Curve, which just got a trailer that you can watch after the cut.

Mr. Eastwood stars as an aging baseball scout who takes one of his last scouting trips to check out a player, and has his estranged daughter reluctantly join him in it. And then there’s also Justin Timberlake, as the younger scout who’s trying to win the approval of the old guy and win his daughter, too.

Look, the film looks safe as hell, Mr. Eastwood is in auto-pilot mode, doing the same thing he did in Gran Torino looking all tough and without friends who obviously has a soft side. But, this is still a living legend, Amy Adams who plays his daughter looks fantastic, and I love the acting career Mr. Timberlake’s shaping up for himself. So yeah, it may be safe, it may be a broad audience-pleaser with some romance and comedy sprinkled in, but I think I may just love it.

Directed by Robert Lorenz; written by Randy Brown; starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman and Mathew Lillard. Trouble with the Curve opens September 21.


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