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[Trailer] – The Place Beyond The Pines

21 Dec

The Place Beyond the Pines

I cannot express how much I love Blue Valentine, a film which I ranked as the fourth best of all 2010, so the fact that Ryan Gosling is reuniting with director Derek Cianfrance for next year’s The Place Beyond the Pines is ridiculously exciting to me. There’s now a trailer for that film, which you can watch below.

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[Trailer] – The Great Gatsby

20 Dec

The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann‘s adaptation of The Great Gatsby was originally supposed to be released a few days from now, vying for some of the awards attention. Then it was pushed back until next year’s summer which, considering the already crowded late-year slate we have right now, may have been the right move, plus the novel always felt more summery than anything, right? In any case, to tide us over until the film arrives, we’ve now have a second trailer for it, which you can watch below.

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[Trailer] – Pacific Rim

13 Dec

Pacific Rim

To say I’m hugely excited about Pacific Rim would be an understatement. As busy as Guillermo del Toro is, he’s spent the last few years mostly developing stuff for others or helping produce films at DreamWorks Animation, and just like that it’s been five years since we’ve had a film actually directed by him, since the awesome Hellboy II: The Golden Army. So, yes, I’m excited about Pacific Rim, and now there’s a trailer out for it which you can watch below.

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[Trailer] – Man Of Steel

11 Dec

Man Of Steel

The first full-length trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel has just been released and it looks absolutely epic. Watch it below.

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[Trailer] – The Lone Ranger

11 Dec

The Lone Ranger

It’s been over a couple of months since we got our first look at next summer’s The Lone Ranger so a new, longer trailer has just been released which you can watch below.

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[Trailer] – Now You See Me

17 Nov

Summer movies are usually huge tentpole films, most of which are sequels or prequels or reebots or remakes or based on huge books. Now You See Me, however, is original material, and you can watch the first trailer for it below.

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[Trailer] – Admission

15 Nov

Because Paul Rudd and Tina Fey are two of the most awesome people living on Earth it would make total sense to make a movie starring both of them, right? Right. Well, that’s Admission for you, which comes out next year and for which you can watch the first trailer below.

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