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[Review] – The Giant Mechanical Man

14 May

Title: The Giant Mechanical Man
Year: 2012
Director: Lee Kirk
Writer: Lee Kirk
Starring: Jenna Fischer, Chris Messina, Topher Grace, Malin Akerman, Lucy Punch, Bob Odenkirk, Rich Sommer
MPAA Rating: PG-13, some sexual content and brief strong language
Runtime: 94 min
IMDb Rating: 4.7
Rotten Tomatoes: 70%
Metacritic: 43

The Giant Mechanical Man, a film written and directed by Lee Kirk as a vehicle for his wife, The Office‘s Jenna Fischer, is a nice enough film, it offers up a charming little romance with a light and optimistic approach to love that works most of the time because of the group of actors assembled to play out this story, even if it does try a bit too hard to be quirky and offbeat. The plot revolves around Ms. Fischer’s Janice, who’s just totally down on her luck, trying to find her way in life, something that fulfills her, as she has to live with her sister who, though she certainly means well, can be quite overbearing.

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[Trailer] – The Giant Mechanical Man

1 Apr


Jenna Fischer plays the beloved Pam on NBC’s The Office, which has one of the most talented ensembles in all of TV. However, in her upcoming film, The Giant Mechanical Man, for which you can watch the trailer above, she’s front and center as Janice, a woman who just got fired from her job.

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A Little Help

18 Aug

Title: A Little Help
Michael J. Weithorn
Writers: Michael J. Weithorn
Jenna Fischer, Chris O’Donnell, Rob Benedict, Arden Myrin, Daniel Yelsky
MPAA Rating: 
R, language, some sexual content and drug use
105 min
Major Awards: –

IMDb Rating: 
Rotten Tomatoes: 


I like Jenna Fischer a lot, I really do, and that’s the only reason why I like and will recommend A Little Help, because she really shines in this film. The thing is that, save from the performances, not much else in this film really works that well, so in the end it’s just a pretty decent flick even though it had a lead performance worthy of a pretty great one. And it’s really great to see Ms. Fischer tackle a role like the one she gets to play in this one, because most people know and love her from her role as Pam Beasley in TV’s The Office, but her film career has been marred with supporting roles in comedies like Blades of Glory (which was actually pretty good), The Brothers Solomon (which was horrible), Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (which was quite good), last year’s very good dramedy A Solitary Man (which I gave an A- to) and this year’s Hall Pass (which I awarded middling C to), so yeah, even though she’s been in some good flicks, she never has gotten the chance to really stretch herself and show us what she can do. A Little Help provides her with that chance, and she really makes the most of it.

The woman Ms. Fischer plays is Laura, a character appealing because of how imperfect she is, because we can relate to her in great ways. And I like the Laura character because we don’t really get to see mothers like her in film nowadays, we usually get moms who are sort of heroic and just tremendously good, but yet here we have a woman who really isn’t loving life all that much and isn’t afraid of taking a beer to deal with it. Not taking a beer in the sense of being an alcoholic mother who’s a total mess and irresponsible like crazy, but taking a beer in the sense of getting buzzed enough to not mind as much about all of her things, but also buzzed enough so that when things go wrong they go worse then they probably should have. It’s this character and Ms. Fischer’s portrayal of her that make A Little Help as good as it ultimately is, because even though this isn’t the perfect image of motherhood we know and have grown up with in films and television, we can still immediately connect with Laura, because deep down we know we’ve all had days like the ones she seems to constantly have.

I guess that inherent likability was something I should have been fully expecting because I’m a huge The Office fan and I know how adorable Ms. Fischer is, but it was still awesome to see her bring those qualities to a new role. Because a lesser actress could have easily made Laura a character we don’t necessarily root for, but Ms. Fischer finds a way to make her incredibly real, and in doing so she wins our hearts because we realize that Laura isn’t a bad person at all, she’s just a woman who’s apparently being played a huge prank on by life. I mean, her sister seems to have life figured out, her mother has been criticizing her since she was a kid, her son lies a lot, and her husband cheats on her. So we feel for Laura, we feel for her because she doesn’t seem to have a moment to breathe, always having somebody on her case.

Michael J. Weithorn, a long-time TV writer/producer of shows like The King of Queens and Family Ties, makes his feature-length writing/directing debut with this film, and his script is pretty fun, and it’s a pretty nonstop series of things that start going wrong in one way or another. The funnest one of them all is the one that’s featured in the trailer, the fact that Laura’s son being the compulsive liar that he is tells the kids at his new school that his father was a fireman who died on 9/11 (the movie is set in 2002), and because of that gets the attention of a lot of kids. And Laura goes along with her kid’s lies. This is just one the many things that happen to Laura in this film, and even though the film ultimately felt a bit too manipulative for my liking (and that’s the biggest reason as to why I’m not grading it higher), I really did like it, I liked the supporting cast and I loved Ms. Fischer who makes Laura such a mess it’s hard not to fall for it and follow her through it all.

It’s all maybe a bit too understated, but it really works in the end, because Ms. Fischer is fantastic at playing a woman trying exceptionally hard to do the right thing during a time in which absolutely everything seems to be going the wrong way, and because we believe her as that is that A Little Help gets to succeed. Not to mention that her scenes with Rob Benedict, who plays Laura’s brother-in-law, one of the few people on her side, are seriously terrific to watch, and the chemistry between the two makes for some really touching moments that I loved every moment of. If you’re a fan of Jenna Fischer from her work in The Office I really advice you to give this film a watch, it’s what you need to realize just how great she is.

Grade: B

EmmyWatch 2011: Comedy

23 Jun

Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy are set to announce the nominations for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards bright and early on Thursday, July 14th. And even though this is a film blog, some of you many know I’m also a pretty obsessive TV-watcher, and I currently watch over 70 television series, so I’d like to think I know a fair bit about what’s on the air right now. And in that spirit, I’ll do what I did with my OscarWatch posts back in January, and tackle the major categories for this years Emmy Awards in 4 EmmyWatch posts: Reality/Variety, Mini/Movie, Comedy and Drama.

In them I’ll give my quick thoughts on a particular race and how I personally think things will eventually shape up, listing both the 6 contenders I would personally pick were the nominations up to me, and then 6 who I actually think will have their names called out come nomination morning. Then once the nominations are announced I’ll do a post with my reactions and my actual predictions for the races. In this, the third EmmyWatch post, we’ll take a look at the Comedy races…


There are groups in which you can divide the shows vying for this award. For starters, there are the two established new-ish hits, Modern Family (which won last year) and Glee, both coming off their second seasons and who are proven new contenders who people seem to think will ultimately battle each other for the top honor. Then there are the veteran bonafide hits, which are of course 30 Rock (a three-time winner of this award) and The Office  (a winner in 2006 and a nominee ever since). And then there are the ones trying to get into the conversation along with them, shows like The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, as well as Showtime hits like The Big C and Nurse Jackie and new critical hits like Parks and Recreation and Community. So yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out, though I think it’s pretty much sewn up already.

My Personal 6 (in specific order)

  1. Community – Yes, this is my favorite comedy on television, it’s just sensationally inventive and has one of my Top 3 casts in all of television. The ratings have been sort of low, which may make it hard for it to get the nod, but I dearly hope it gets recognized.
  2. Parks and Recreation – Look, my #1 is Community, and this one is similar to that one in many ways. It’s part of NBC’s Thursday comedy block, it has the critical praises but not the great ratings, and it’s funny in extremely smart ways. However, unlike Community, I actually think this one actually has a shot at getting a nod.
  3. 30 Rock – Look, the fact that Modern Family ended its streak last year means nothing, this show is still absolutely incredible. It may not be as consistent as it once was, but when it’s firing on all cylinders it’s still the one to beat.
  4. Modern Family – It won last year for a reason, it gave us, in its very first season, the high quality comedy that veteran series would kill to have, and considering that it hasn’t let down even one bit on their second season you can sure as hell count on it to repeat.
  5. Eastbound & Down – Just because there’s not a single character even remotely similar to Kenny Powers on television right now, it may be too raunchy and dirty for Emmy voters but it certainly gets a slot on my list.
  6. The Office – I was torn between this one and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for my final slot, but come on, The Office just went through their final season with Steve Carell and handled the closing of Michael’s story perfectly, they definitely get on my list.

How I think the actual nominations will look like (in specific order)

  1. Modern Family – Read Personal 6. It’s still the one to beat.
  2. 30 Rock – The voters may think they did their part diversifying last year and giving to a new one, and now may be itching to reward their usual king.
  3. Glee – I’m guessing this will be the Top 3 in the actual ballots no matter what. I don’t think has nearly as good a shot with this group as they do with the Globes but they’ll certainly get the nod.
  4. The Office – Read Personal 6.
  5. Nurse Jackie – Yeah, they’ll probably make room for one, if not two, of the Showtime dramedies and this one has the better chance of getting it.
  6. The Big Bang Theory – It’s really weird that this show hasn’t gotten a nomination here, and I’m still not sure it will (I was thinking either this one, The Big C or Parks and Recreation), but Jim Parsons win for Lead Actor last year gave it momentum with this group.


Last year the panorama changed quite a bit in this category, with Jim Parsons rising up to the plate to deny Alec Baldwin his third Emmy, will he prevail again this year? Or will Baldwin get it back? Or will Steve Carell finally get rewarded for his final season in The Office?

My Personal 6 (in specific order)

  1. Steve Carell (The Office) – Look, performance-wise he’d probably be #3 or so, but I’ve loved The Office since day 1, and it’s all because of what he did as Michael Scott. The fact that he’s never won one of these is an outrage I’d like to think the Emmy’s will be quick to resolve.
  2. Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) – He was denied last year, but performance-wise I thought he was the best there was this year, but the sentimentality factor of Carell leaves him as my #2.
  3. Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down) – Like I said when talking about the show in my Personal 6 for Best Comedy, the guy plays a role that’s 100% unique in television right now, but the racy tones of the show may make it too hard for him to get a nod, as much as he deserves one.
  4. Joel McHale (Community) – The leading man of my favorite comedy on television, of course he was gonna get in my personal ballot. The Jeff Winger character is one that a lesser actor would’ve played straight as plain arrogant and sarcastic, but he gives him layers that make Jeff a total triumph.
  5. Louis C.K. (Louie) – The new season of this FX show premieres tomorrow, and I cannot wait. The guy is one of the funniest stand-up comedies around, if not the funniest, and he does everything in this show, just a genius.
  6. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) – I don’t like the show enough to put him higher on my list, but his performance is undeniably great, so of course he gets in on my list, and he’ll be higher on the actual ballots.

How I think the actual nominations will look like (in specific order)

  1. Steve Carell (The Office) – Read Personal 6. He’ll get a deserved full-series-achievement win, as well as he should.
  2. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) – I think he’d actually repeat were it not for Carell, even over Baldwin.
  3. Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) – Read Personal 6.
  4. Matthew Morrison (Glee) – Why this guy keeps getting nominated I have no idea, the show really isn’t a comedy any more, just a musical dramedy, but alas, people love Glee so he’ll find a way to get in there again.
  5. Joel McHale (Community) – Read Personal 6.
  6. Matt LeBlanc (Episodes) – I was torn between him or Rob Lowe for Parks and Recreation, but LeBlanc was part of the Friends cast and the seven episodes of his Showtime series, in which he got to make fun of himself, were pretty damn great.


This category I’m having a not-so-easy time really cracking. Tina Fey is Tina Fey so you have to assume she’s in there, the Showtime leading ladies are all in there because they are superb actresses and their series are not straight-out comedies so they get heavier stuff to shine with, and then there might be a newcomer or two, we’ll have to wait and see…

My Personal 6 (in specific order)

  1. Tina Fey (30 Rock) – Look, she’s Tina Fey, she the most charming, likable, talented woman around, no other way around that.
  2. Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) – I actually nearly put her at #1 but that would mean saying someone’s better than Fey. Still, she’s amazing and on one of the finest comedies on TV, so I’ll be rooting for her.
  3. Patricia Heaton (The Middle) – She already has two of these from her time on Everybody Loves Raymond, and her work on The Middle has been consistently great.
  4. Toni Collette (United States of Tara) – Look, I actually really liked this show, and she already won this award a couple years ago, so the voters certainly like her. And I mean, the show was cancelled and aired its series finale a couple days ago so they should give her the nod as some tribute of sorts.
  5. Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) – She is the most underrated part of this ensemble. Jim Parsons and her male co-stars get all the attention, but she rocks at playing Penny and never gets the recognition. Now would be a good time to start.
  6. Laura Linney (The Big C) – She gets in on my personal list just because she’s Laura Linney and I love her, but her show isn’t really a comedy and I have strict feeling about the liberties people take with this category, but whatever, she shines in this show.

How I think the actual nominations will look like (in specific order)

  1. Laura Linney (The Big C) – She did make my Personal 6, but nowhere near this high. However, she just won the Globe and the Emmy’s have loved her in the past, so I think she’ll emerge victorious.
  2. Tina Fey (30 Rock) – Read Personal 6.
  3. Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) – The Showtime ladies will try to all get in here, and Falco is just awesome so she probably will.
  4. Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) – I’m wishing she comes out of nowhere and beats everyone because that’d be a true and deserved underdog victory, but my guess is that she’ll end up in the middle of the pack.
  5. Toni Collette (United States of Tara) – Yeah, three Showtime dramedy ladies in a comedy category. But hey, at least they’re all truly phenomenal actresses who rock at what they do.
  6. Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope) – I’m going with this great actress in a great role over Glee‘s Lea Michele because I hope the voters recognize actual comedic chops over musical ones.


Or what should be called the Modern Family category, as all the cast members of that ensemble enter their names in the supporting races to embrace the fact that everyone is as important as each other on that show, a true family. So yeah, at the very most there will be only three other slots, maybe even just two, for actors from other series to nab.

My Personal 6 (in specific order)

  1. Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) – By far the funniest guy on television, he has the coolest mustache on television as well, and I just hope Emmy voters bestow him with a nomination.
  2. Ty Burrell (Modern Family) – I’m including only two Modern Family guys but really all four of them could conceivably get in. Burrell is my favorite part of the show though, he’s perfect as the clumsy and lovable Phil.
  3. Danny Pudi (Community) – My favorite comedy on television, and Danny Pudi (as well as Donald Glover who would’ve gotten my #7 slot here) is a big part of that, he’s insanely funny and endearing as the very weird Abed.
  4. Ed O’Neill (Modern Family) – He missed out on a nod last year when the rest of his co-stars got one, and it was a rob, so please, Emmy voters, right your wrongs.
  5. Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) – Yeah, I’m going with Segel over Neil Patrick Harris for the HIMYM pick because the stuff he did with the darker storyline Marshall was given in this one was just tremendous.
  6. Ed Helms (The Office) – He got his biggest storyline yet with the love triangle he was involved in, and now that Carell is gone the show will probably use him to shoulder more of the burden, which is a good thing.

How I think the actual nominations will look like (in specific order)

  1. Ty Burrell (Modern Family) – I think Modern Family will completely dominate this category as long as it’s on the air, and this time I think (and hope) it’s Burrell that picks the trophy up.
  2. Chris Colfer (Glee) – I don’t have him on my Personal 6 because his best scenes are his dramatic ones and not the comedic ones, and this is a comedy category after all, but when he’s strong he’s strong and there’s no counting him out.
  3. Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) – He could conceivably repeat, but my guess is that he won’t, good as he might be.
  4. Ed O’Neill (Modern Family) – Yeah, I highly doubt they’ll leave the Pritchard family patriarch out this time.
  5. Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) – Certainly look for him to be the HIMYM castmember to score a nod (and not Jason Segel like I wanted), and he’s always awesome as Barney so that’s cool with me.
  6. Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) – Yes, I’m putting him this high, over Jon Cryer who might sympathy votes after Sheengate and over Jesse Tyler Ferguson who might just make the Modern Family guys go four-for-four, but it’s just because I want his name to be read too damn much.


Look for this trend to continue for a while, Glee, Modern Family and 30 Rock will grab the majority of this nods, and then maybe one or two newbies to score their kudos.

My Personal 6 (in specific order)

  1. Alison Brie (Community) – I’ll say it again, this is the best comedy on television, and Alison Brie is damn awesome in it, and it’s not as though people have forgotten how hot she looked in the paintball episodes.
  2. Julie Bowen (Modern Family) – Look, she’s a seriously consistent actress. Not only is she absolutely brilliant in Modern Family, but, come on, Boston Legal, Ed, she’s been this great for a while, so she’s due.
  3. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) – She’s the best at deadpan comedy, period. Nobody on TV can do that better than her, doubt she’ll get in but I’m crossing my fingers.
  4. Ellie Kemper (The Office) – I loved Ellie Kemper this season, the daughter type she was to Michael, her perfect performance in that whole love triangle, she’s just a gem.
  5. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) – She’s insanely funny in this show, probably the one castmember people weren’t sure was going to be as hilarious as she is, she’ll probably end up quite high on the actual ballots.
  6. Jenna Fischer (The Office) – She’s totally underrated here, I mean Pam is totally warm and is probably the person viewers can relate to the most, and Jenna Fischer is always great in the role.

How I think the actual nominations will look like (in specific order)

  1. Jane Lynch (Glee) – Yeah, she didn’t even make my Personal 6, but she really is the only funny thing on a show that really isn’t a comedy. And she has all the buzz and she’s hosting the show (though that didn’t work for Neil Patrick Harris in the past), so I think she’s the one to beat.
  2. Julie Bowen (Modern Family) – However, I’m more and more liking the idea of Julie Bowen coming up victorious, so watch out for her.
  3. Betty White (Hot in Cleveland) – Come on, she’s Betty White, that right there puts her in the top half of the ballot.
  4. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) – Read Personal 6.
  5. Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live) – I think an SNL has to get in here, and she’s the MVP of that show, so that’s more than fine with me.
  6. Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) – She’s getting another nod for sure.

Hall Pass

10 Apr

Title: Hall Pass
Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly
Writers: Pete Jones, Peter Farrelly, Kevin Barnett and Bobby Farrelly, based on a story by Pete Jones
Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Stephen Merchant, Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, Joy Behar, J.B. Smoove, Richard Jenkins, Alyssa Milano
MPAA Rating:
R, crude and sexual humor throughout, language, some graphic nudity and drug use
105 min
Major Awards:

IMDb Rating:
Rotten Tomatoes:

I really wanted to like Hall Pass. That’s mostly because I really wanted to go back to liking the Farrelly brothers. These are the guys that started out their career in the 90s, giving us both Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary, their best film to date, during that decade. In the last decade the quality of their work decreased: Me, Myself & Irene was only so-so, Osmosis Jones was quite cool but still nothing amazing, Shallow Hal had good leading performances but not much else, Stuck on You was actually pretty good but still wasn’t as great as their 90’s efforts, and Fever Pitch had its charm but was ultimate quite mediocre, and their last one, The Heartbreak Kid, was the worst one they have done in their careers.

So yes, I really wanted the Farrelly Brothers to get back to the quality of their earliest work with this one, their first effort in the new decade. But we didn’t even get a film as solid as Fever Pitch, as this proved one was closer to the level of accomplishment of The Heartbreak Kid, though not as horrible. This one is a different sort of film for the brothers, one that has less offensive gags and is more on the moral side of it all, and the cast they have lined up here is pretty cool, but the script just didn’t warrant an adequate amount of laughs for this to be considered a success.

And the reason why the laughs were so few and far between is that the film as a whole feels terribly forced, like they want you to laugh too much, and that’s the surest of ways for a director to kill any chance of laughter happening. Hit YouTube and look for the trailer for this movie and I doubt you’ll think it looks any good, and yet, trust me, the trailer makes it look as though the film would be better than it actually is.

I know the Farrelly’s were trying to make Hall Pass be the film in which they announced to the world that they had grown up. And it’s an honorable intention, and the film really does try to stand by the good values of life while still embedding it with their trademark gross humor, but the balance between the two always seem to be off, and as a result there are pretty much no laughs to go around here.

Anyways, just so you get the basic idea of what this is all about if you haven’t seen the trailer. We have two guys, played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, that get a hall pass from their wives, played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate who were easily the best parts of this film, to do whatever they want with those young ladies they’re always looking at and fantasizing about, so that they finally get it all out of their systems.

And what happens next is that the men really don’t know what to do once they are liberated from their marital leash, continuing to hang out with their buddies and not really knowing how to approach the single females out there on the prowl. That could have made for a good comedy film had the script then went ahead and granted it with good scenes, however everything here just feels horribly uninspired, the situations really badly scripted and the characters just absolutely flat, no matter how much effort the actors, especially the aforementioned Ms. Fischer and Ms. Applegate, as well as the always-terrific Richard Jenkins, put into it.

The thing that bugs me is that the Farrelly brothers have proved in the past that they can balance their brand of humor with a good dosage of heart, There’s Something About Mary is a prime example of that, and even Stuck on You did it quite convincingly. So we know these two can hit it out of the park when the script is great, but even though they had a bunch of actors that would have potentially been amazing at delivering raunchy comedy, the script just wasn’t there, and as such Hall Pass just falls flat on its face.

Grade: C

Solitary Man

18 Jul

Title: Solitary Man
Year: 2010
Directors: Brian Koppelman and David Levien
Writer: Brian Koppelman
Starring: Michael Douglas, Jenna Fischer, Jesse Eisenberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito, Imogen Poots
MPAA Rating: R, language and some sexual content
Runtime: 90 min
Major Awards:
IMDb Rating: 7.3
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%

Solitary Man is a fantastic reminder of just how great Michael Douglas can be when he shows off his A-game, he’s great at playing the sort of character Ben Kalman is in this one, just take a look at what, to me, is the best performance he’s ever given, the one as Grady Tripp in the incredible Wonder Boys, this is a similar performance, the same sort of man, one with sins, one who’s really far from perfect and one who, as the title of this film says, is solitary. Solitary because he has let down his daughter one time too many, solitary because he cheated on his wife and is also being dishonest with his current girlfriend. And, just like Grady Tripp, Ben Kalman is super smooth and charms the shit out of everyone, that’s why he’s such a good salesman, and that’s why the ride into getting to know him, because I’m not entirely sure we really get to like him, is so enthralling.

Michael Douglas is terrific at these roles, Ben Kalman is a man who, if you look close enough you’ll see all the cracks on his surface, but who is so good at pretending to be just super successful and great that you believe the lie because of his charm and ease with it, and I won’t go ahead at spoiling what the movie’s entire plot and situations are, and that’s just as good, because the joy of watching this film comes mostly from seeing how Douglas creates this performance and what Ben Kalman will do to continue pretending, to continue looking good, to continue lying, and trying not to seem solitary.

I keep saying this one reminded me a lot about Wonder Boys, maybe it’s because of Douglas’ fine performance, maybe it’s because they both dealt with a university, I don’t know, but they both are outstanding films that while funny many times, are not really comedies as a whole, indeed, Ben and Grady’s lives could be just as easily portrayed as tragic dramas, but by making the movie funnier and lighter the director and actors can play with it more, and give performances like the one Douglas, and honestly every other single actor around him, give here, but, as the Johnny Cash song that has the same name as this film will let us know when we hear it at the beginning of this, there is pain in this one, and there are some beautiful moments in this film, beautifully shot and written when Douglas is perfect at showing this pain, and those moments feel extremely real and, thanks to such a smart script and nuanced and skillful performances, these kind of pure moments come along often enough in this film, and that’s something to treasure.

This a seriously great film, I loved it, I loved the performances and I love the cast, and with Michael Douglas leading this tremendous cast we get to see a guy who has played this character before band we see him outdo himself in portraying these sort of roles, we see a veteran Academy-Award-winning actor acting with as much energy and livelihood as a fresh newcomer being given a shot at a breakthrough role, and that vitality translates into the film and engages us with Ben Kalman in a way that’s truly magnificent to experience in films.

Grade: A-