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[Oscars 2013] – Predicting The Nominations

9 Jan

An actual Oscar statuette to be presented during the 79th Annual Academy Awards sits in a display case in Hollywood

I still have a few 2013 releases to catch up with, and I though I wanted to make my Oscar nominations predictions post having seen all of them, the nods are due early tomorrow morning so I’ll have to post them now.

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[Review] – The Sessions

31 Oct

Title: The Sessions
Year: 2012
Director: Ben Lewin
Writer: Ben Lewin
Starring: John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy
MPAA Rating: R, strong sexuality including graphic nudity and frank dialogue
Runtime: 95 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
Metacritic: 80

The film that came out of this year’s Sundance with the most buzz, being rivaled only by Beasts of the Southern Wild, was Ben Lewin‘s The Sessions, which was back then called The Surrogate. There it won the Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Acting, was acquired for a huge $6 million by Fox Searchlight and has just now been released so that it can campaign it for some awards glory, and at the very least some really neat nominations are sure to come its way.

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[Trailer] – The Sessions

28 Jun

At this year’s Sundance Film Festival a film called The Surrogate got some really great buzz, and Oscar talk surrounding the lead performance from John Hawkes. The film then changed its name to Six Sessions, and now it’s just The Sessions, and a trailer has just been released, which you can watch after the cut.

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